Our Story

Like all good things do, Feral Beverage Co. arose by chance, through a serendipitous chain of events. When Ken Bergee and Lucian Webb crossed paths, they were servicing commercial kitchens across the Twin Cities with state-of-the-art sanitation techniques. Both loved helping their clients. Yet, both had the desire to do something more.  

With a hobby cultivating kombucha at home in their free time, Ken and Lucian began giving away bottles to the chefs they’d befriended through work.

20,000 empty bottles later, the chefs had helped the guys evolve their flavors to effervescent perfection. Feral was off and kicking. And, as fate would have it, Ken and Lucian realized a dream that had been brewing within them for years: to make a vital contribution to the community they call home.

Contributing meaningfully means sourcing and cultivating their line of kombuchas, fair trade coffee and natural sodas in a way that conserves energy, invigorates local and organic agriculture, nourishes health, and keeps our Earth as pristine as possible. For Ken and Lucian, the effort is a daily expression of gratitude for their community, bringing with it a deep sense of belonging and joy.

May every sip fill you with that feeling of gratitude, joy and belonging, too.